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Better Wines, Low Prices

Island Point Wine & Spirits has new owners. We're bringing in more wines that deliver the highest in quality and variety for the price. Look for an ever increasing inventory of selections from the hottest wineries and importers. Stop by to see what's new. Ask us about hosting a wine tasting party.

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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is next Tuesday. We haven't gone out on Valentine's Day in years. The restaurants are packed, service is bad and the “special menus” contain overpriced entrees which were cooked hours ago. It's hard to consider this a romantic occasion; it's more like an obligation. We prefer to spend our money on the ingredients instead of going out. Get a pair of filets or maybe some lobster tails. Or get them both and have surf and turf. If you are having dinner at home, a special wine will enhance the meal. Check out our display of suggested wines we like for Valentine's Day, or let us know what you are having and we will help you pick out the perfect accompaniment.

Spirits from A to Z and Everything In Between

Our vision is to have the kind of Wine & Spirits store where we ourselves would like to shop. We think you will agree that our customer service is unsurpassed in Chattanooga. Have a suggestion on something you would like us to carry? Please let us know. Need help planning an event? Just ask, we are here to help.